Fourteen Stars

Resident Alim

Syed Mohsin Husaini Kashmiri

Syed Mohsin Husaini Kashmiri was born in a religious family of Srinagar, Kashmir (India) on 2nd June 1986. In 2004 he graduated from high school. Since childhood he had the desire to attend an institution for expansive Islamic education. Although, he began his religious studies at a very young age under the tutorship of Allamah Syed Mohammad Rizvi Najafi.
Meanwhile, he received Bachelor’s in the history of Islam from the University of Kashmir in 2009. During this he also underwent a training of Manuscriptology under the tutelage of Dr. Mehdi Khajepiri in Delhi.
Thereafter he attended the Islamic Seminary of Qom in 2010 and studied under some of the renowned scholars of the seminary for seven years.
During his stay in Qom, he participated in different literary conferences in India, Iran and Iraq.
In 2012 he played a vital role in establishing a literary organization; The Indian Subcontinental literal Revival Center.

He has been authorized to quote Hadith by the following scholars:

  • Ayatollah Shaykh Baqir Shareef Al Qarashi
  • Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Ridha Jalali
  • Dr Sayed Salaman Hadi Aal Tumah
Literary works
  1. Al Habl Al Mateen; Arabic, Chicago, 2006
  2. Encyclopedia of the Shiite scholars of Kashmir; Urdu, Karachi, 2011
  3. Kohl Al Jawahir (translation from Persian to Urdu) Qom, 2014
  4. Thamarat Al Khilafat (critical edition) New Delhi 2017
  5. Rajm Al Shayateen (critical edition) New Delhi 2017